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For Public Lands Sake

My mom has three brothers: Todd, Mike, and Matt. Starting far back, my grandpa (their father), started taking them every year to fish in the Grande Ronde River. They stay in the same double-wide trailer every year and tell fart jokes, living off crappy Cosco food and beans from the can. That…

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Specialist Spotlight: My New Fast

Specialist Spotlight: a place for our staff to sound off about what's happening in their running world! This post by Miwa Soto, Fit Specialist.  For many runners, fast means attaining a new PR, beating a Strava segment, or placing in their age group. In fact, many runners reserve the p…

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Three Ways Sugar Is Sabotaging Your Training Plan and How to Get Control

When training for a race, we log so many hours running, lifting weights, stretching, and recovering. But are we actually getting the full benefit of all that hard work? It’s so easy as runners to think, “I’m burning all these calories so it doesn’t really make a diffe…

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Notes From Rachel: Relative Speed

I’ve been running consistently for over ten years. In that decade, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be fast. Let’s take my high school next door neighbor, for example. She was the fastest girl I knew. I watched enviously as she took off at every cross country prac…

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Race Faster - Kick the Sugar Fix!

Do you struggle getting through an afternoon energy crash without a caffeine hit? Do you get sick a lot and miss work or runs because of it? Do you bonk during runs more often than you’d like? Or maybe not during a training run, but during the frantic, shaky-hands search for quick ca…

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Our Holidays Picks and Gift Guide!

Our staff weigh in: 2016's BEST gifts and stocking stuffers for runners! For seven years straight during my childhood in Houston, I went to bed on Christmas Eve begging Santa for snow. Every single Christmas morning I got "Santa's footprints" on the carpet (hint: baby powder) and nothing on…

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Notes from Rachel: What Unpreparedness Teaches Us All

Historically, I am not a good person to ask when it comes to being “race ready.” I ran my first marathon in Galveston, Texas in 2011. Prior to this marathon, the longest distance I had ran was 19 miles in Seattle in the middle of January. I didn’t take water or food with m…

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Tales of Starbucks & 7-Eleven and The Most Forgotten & Confusing Training Principal: Pre-Run Nutrition

We’ve all been there…the run starts great. The endorphins are kicking in; you settle into your pace; you’re looking forward to the next few (or many) miles. You’re training for a race, maybe you’re just enjoying a long run, or possibly you’ve just entered …

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Notes from Rachel: On Fresh Cut Grass and Hill Repeats

I’ve really been on a trail bender lately. Still am (see: Krissy Moehl comes to town TOMORROW). But all the fresh-cut grass in my neighborhood makes my stomach turn. It’s almost cross country season. I ran cross country in New Albany, Ohio, grades 9-12 with a tenth grade sabbat…

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