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Fleet Feet Running Club Portland (FFRC) allows you to tailor your workouts to this year's goals. Choose what you want to attend and our Run Leaders will provide you the workout at each group run to help you accomplish the goals you have in 2019.

Once a week we will focus on building strength the best ways runners can. Expect hill workouts, strength drills and more to push your running power to the next level.  Your Run Leader will use urban settings to challenge you through these drills. Get ready to get strong!  Beginner to Advanced levels welcome.  You should be comfortable running 3-5 miles.  Workouts will be approximately one hour in duration including warm up and cool down.

Whether you crave the nature running experience or want to learn how to navigate the local trail systems, we will take you there.  Each week we will discover a new trailhead throughout Portland & surrounding areas. Beginner to advance levels welcome.  Average run distances range between 3 to 5 miles.  Be prepared to fall in love with Portland's beauty from a new vantage point...the views are amazing.  Trail running will challenge your body but will open your world to new experiences in our beautiful backyard.

Let's find your new fast! Whether you're training for a faster 5k or your first marathon, we will help you focus on increasing your paces through targeted speed workouts.  Your Run Leader will utilize both urban settings and Duniway Park Track to carry out these strategic speed drills.  Come ready to challenge yourself!  Beginner to Advanced levels welcome.  Workouts will be approximately one hour in duration including warm up and cool down.

Time to settle in for that Long Slow Distance (LSD).  We will provide course support, routes, coaching and lots of running buddies to finish the long miles of training for endurance running.  Most runs will originate from Fleet Feet but we will tap into surrounding area run routes.  Beginner to Advanced levels welcome.  Runs will range from 5 to 22 miles with options to run your preferred distance within the given route.  Run/walk interval methods welcome. 

  • 4 coached workouts each week...you choose what you want to attend.
  • Course support at all workouts
  • FFRC racing singlet or shirt
  • FFRC water bottle
  • FFRC member only shopping events throughout the year
  • Optional training plans available via Training Peaks.
  • $15 a month



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Program Start: February 1, 2019
Program Schedule: Varies
Program Fee: monthly membership

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