Portland: Blue Diamonds Trail Running Series

Ready to conquer the trails, but not sure where to start? Already comfortable off-road, but ready to take your trail running to the next level? No matter where you're at in your journey, we can help! Our special skills series/trail running training clinics, in partnership with Wy'east Wolfpack, are a great way to discover the trails or hone your skills.

The 2017 spring series (leading up to the Go Beyond Racing Summer Trail Series) kicks off May 23th! Come run with the Blue Diamonds Trail Runners! 

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Trail Running

Wy'east Wolfpack and Fleet Feet Sports PDX's Blue Diamonds Trail Running Series

This 5-week series is geared towards trail runners of all abilities. Each week we will have a different focus and will explore a new part of the parks and learn new trails. We will be talking about trail running in general and explaining some of the differences between road running and trail running. We'll also focus on more advanced aspects of running hills and trails: ascending, descending, navigating technical trails, “power hiking” (as well as learning some tricks of the trade from your experienced instructors!). Register here!

Week One: Intro & “Power-Hiking” - Get to know each other with an “ice breaker activity” - we will meet at Fleet Feet Sports PDX in NW Portland and give a brief overview of the class, then head out to the first location. We will give tips and talk about techniques in power-hiking (also so we can utilize and practice it for the remaining weeks when necessary).

Week Two: Access Points - Map Reading - Trail Markers - Uphill Running - Give tips and techniques on the mechanics of uphill running while practicing on hills in the area near the start of the Wildwood Trail in Washington Park.

Week Three: We will explore a new section of the forest picking up where we left off from week two focusing on how Washington Park & Forest Park connect via crossing Burnside, and discuss flora/fauna of Forest Park, the Forest Park Conservancy (how to volunteer w/ them, etc.). Downhill running - Starting at the Pittock Mansion we will practice on some nice long downhills down to Burnside, and then down towards Upper Macleay offering tips and advice on form/technique, etc.

Week Four: Technical trails - Meet at Lower Macleay Park we will work on some footwork drills and then practice that fancy footwork on some of the technical trails along Balch Creek, as we offer tips/advice on technique as well.

Week Five: Tying it all together/final hill workout - We will come up with a fun route starting and finishing at the Leif Erickson Gate at the very end of NW Thurman practicing everything we learned over the five-week course.


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Training Program

Portland: Blue Diamonds Trail Running Series More Info »

Program Start: May 23rd
Program Schedule: Tuesdays at 6:30am or 6:30pm
Program Fee: $75
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