Workplace Fit

Workplace Fit

Fleet Feet PDX is driven by the mission to engage and inspire the community of Portland to get healthy, fit, and active. Our experienced, professional staff are available to provide your workplace with personalized fitting, coaching, and advice based on your company's needs. The staff at Fleet Feet PDX is eager to help your company promote a healthy lifestyle which can in turn produce a more enthusiastic and productive workplace. We can provide material for company meetings, customized training programs, on site fittings, and health fairs.  

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Mobile Fit Service

Bring our service and experienced team of Fit Specialists to your employees. We will bring a premium selection of running/walking shoes in a range of sizes and widths. Along with shoes we will bring other essential items, such as socks and insoles, to ensure a customized fit. The set-up and service is available for all group sizes and includes special event pricing.

On Site Walk/Run Get Active Program

Custom designed two-month program to encourage employees to get up and move two times a week. We will lay out a safe course, meet with your employees at the kick-off event, host two seminars during the two month program, send out weekly email communications, offer incentives for your employees to continue to move and be active. We will bring our Workplace Fit mobile fit service to your group for convenient shoe and bra fittings, special event pricing will be offered. Minimum of 10 participants.

Office Chair to Finish Line

Fleet Feet PDX knows what it takes to help motivate and encourage people to get up and get moving. Our training programs offer on-site training with experienced coaches who will customize a plan to fit your workplace needs. Whether your team wants to build camaraderie as they cross a 5K finish line or go the distance, we are here to help. Minimum of 10 participants.

Health Fairs

Help educate your staff by inviting us to your health fair. We will bring along a small sampling of the latest and greatest in running/walking footwear, insoles, injury prevention, and recovery products. We also come prepared to talk about general foot health, training advice, and motivational tips!

Superfeet Insole Fitting

As the only Superfeet Certified Retailer in the Portland Metro area, we are passionate about Good Foot Health. We are equipped to come to your office, warehouse, or brewery to fit your staff for the proper Superfeet for their current work wear. Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat two-dimensional midsoles of your footwear to your three-dimensional foot. We offer a wide range of Superfeet products to work with all types of shoes including dress shoes, work boots, and athletic shoes. Fitting service available for all group sizes; includes special event pricing. 

Superfeet Certified

Don't hesitate to get in touch - we're excited to help your team reach their fitness goals!

Workplace Fit

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